Are you the master of your own destiny?

Your career is more than just a job.

It is the key to a meaningful and rewarding life.

In today’s busy and competitive environment, so much of our time and energy are wasted on getting ahead in the rat race. But have you ever stopped to wonder if your life is truly fulfilled? Is your career headed in the direction of your choice? Are you the master of your own destiny?

As Hong Kong’s leading Career Strategist and Trusted Advisor, we aim to help individuals reach a happy and contented life both professionally and personally. We embrace a holistic approach towards helping recent graduates, senior executives and seasoned professionals reshape their lives and reinvent their careers.

By tapping our unique Career Mentoring, Advising and Planning (MAP) strategies, we use one-on-one, face-to-face sessions to first get to the heart of what exactly you are searching for, and then guide you towards formulating a practical action plan that will maximise your potential, and promise a meaningful and rewarding work and personal life.


Our Services

Reinvent Your Career

Reached a Plateau ?

Has work lost its challenges? Is your career advancing more slowly than expected? Are you struggling to navigate a complex workplace environment? Our Career Mentoring services will get you back on an upward trajectory.

At a Crossroads ?

Feeling lost? Lacking in direction? Our Career Advising services offer the guidance and counselling you need to awaken your passion and purpose in life.

Stuck in a Career Deadlock ?

Feeling trapped in a rut? Uninspired by work but pressured by financial commitments and family responsibilities? We will help you develop realistic and practical strategies that address your specific circumstances.

Ready for Progress ?

Searching for the next step after finding yourself back on the job market? Our wide range of Value Added Services give you the cutting edge to succeed in a competitive market environment.

Why work with us?

Working with a Career Strategist is the first step to a more fulfilling career, and, in turn, a more meaningful life. With expertise in Career Planning, Interview Skills Training and Career Change Management, Careers Reinvented Hong Kong will guide you every step of the way.

Find and Pursue Your Dreams

How do you build your dream career if you are lost? Careers Reinvented will help you discover your true underlying passions – not those expected by society, tradition or those closest to you.

Take Action

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect”. Careers Reinvented gives you the support and advice to create your own career and life.

Turn Challenges into Advantages

“When one door closes, another opens”. Transform a career crisis into an exciting opportunity, and explore new choices and options. Careers Reinvented will help you design a personal plan to take control and build a balanced and fulfilling career.

Realistic Change

Change does not mean giving it all up and starting from scratch. We help you develop practical achievable steps towards your hopes, dreams and ideals. We tailor your career transition and transformation plan around the realities of life and your existing responsibilities.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Careers Reinvented will help you find a career and build a lifestyle that fulfils your wider goals, purpose and dreams – not just a job that pays the bills.



“What Gerald offers is different and unique. With years of experience working with senior management, a ready network of the region’s Who’s Who and a talent for really hearing and understanding what people want, you walk out of his office feeling the weight lifted off your shoulders and gain a clear and concise direction that was elusive for years.”

– Chairman of a publicly-listed company

“Through thoughtful and engaging dialogue, Gerald not only understood what I wanted out of life both personally and professionally, but could anticipate my needs before I myself realised them.”

– CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

“Professional, patient and insightful. Gerald has a special knack for understanding people’s needs and giving sound advice. I can think of no one better to have in your corner.”

– Founder of a copywriting firm

“I have known Gerald for over 20 years.  He is a close and dear friend.  One of his greatest talents is his patience and compassion when listening to others.  He offers invaluable advice.”

– Trader of a US-listed financial services firm

“I have enjoyed working with Gerald in the past.  I found him reliable, trustworthy, resourceful, and a team player who goes the extra mile to help others.”

– Senior Partner of a US-listed professional firm

「 我兩次的成功轉工,Gerald 的協助可謂功不可沒。他對我的幫助可分為三方面:一、耐心聆聽我的工作內容及困境。二、細心分析我的工作表現及能力。最後,在我躊躇未決時,以客觀的分析鼓勵我邁向我不敢卻有潛力勝任的新工作。」

– Senior Editor of a Chinese multi-media company

“When a key employee in my company unofficially tendered her resignation, we consulted [Gerald].  He advised us on how we could keep her by showing an understanding of her problems and supporting her self-doubts. Because of [his] advice, we were able to turn a crisis into a positive situation.”

– Artistic Director of a charitable organisation


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